Gonjače and Šmartno – guided tour

Price 30 
Duration 2h
Nr. of people 1 - 4

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About the tour

Admire the breath-taking view from the Adriatic sea to the Julian Alps and after take a stroll through fortified village Šmartno and breath in its rich history and vibrant streets.

If you need a transfer from another location, I will gladly come pick you up and keep you company on the way to our wonderful Goriška Brda region. For prices and availability check here.

  • what can be seen from the top of the viewing tower
  • drive or a leaisurely stroll towards Šmartno
  • walking tour through history of Šmartno – from Roman times until the vibrant life today
  • taking photos in wonderful spots along the way
Ascent to the top of the viewing tower

Learn about the main sights in Goriška region and farther, admire the view from the sea to the mountains and the confluence of wine regions on both sides of the border. Learn about our region and what we are most known for while seeing it all from up top.

A stroll to Šmartno (recommended)

Let’s take a leisurely walk through the vineyards toward Šmartno and admire nice vistas of Šmartno and the most of the region all the way. If you do/can not want to walk, I can also do a transfer, no additional fee.

A walk through time in Šmartno

We will start with the small Roman fortress and then slowly move through time and see how Šmartno as we see it today came to be. From turbulent times of Habsburg-Venetian wars to peaceful time of koloni until around a century ago, when both world wars and natural disaster really did a number on Šmartno… we will conclude on a positive note by recounting Šmartno’s renovation and its lively daily life and immense charm today.