Vila Vipolže – most beautiful Renaissance villa in Slovenia (11 people or more)

Price 80 
Duration 1h
Nr. of people 11 - 50

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About the tour

Take a stroll through tumoltous past of this Renaissance jewel. From a fortress of the knights to sumptuous villa for counts Thurn and sad neglect of the last 200 years to its splendor renewed in the last years.

  • guided tour of the museum and development of the villa through time
  • how knight’s hall came to life in the past and today
  • local souvenir shop visit

We will explore various items that were found in and around villa during reconstruction – some have fascinating stories! The oldest ones are several millions years old…

Several models will tell us the story of its development through time – how it looked when it was built as a fortress in 12th century, how counts Thurn enlarged it and later on transformed it in the Renaissance beauty. When counts moved out, it was left in disrepair until it was fully renovated in the last years.

Knight’s hall

This hall serves as a gallery and a place for many events now but in the past it hosted many distinguished nobles, some say even an emperor on one occassion… Let me paint a picture of balls and feasts hosted here by illustrious Thurn counts.

Frescoes from 17th century

Learn about the legendary origins of these frescoes and discern what’s on them. Why are some parts deliberately chipped off and what’s with the engraved initials and years on the panoramic windows?