Šmartno – from a fortress to a picturesque village (11 people and more)

Price 90 
Duration 1h 30m
Nr. of people 11 - 50

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About this walking tour

Join me on a walk through time on the cobbled streets of the idyllic village Šmartno in the picturesque Goriška Brda region in Slovenia, a small country in the heart of Europe.

What plans did Leonardo da Vinci have with this region? Who were koloni and how did they live? How did being on the front line of Soča front in the first world war change the village? Why was it in such disrepair in the 80s? How does the heart of this medieval jewel beat today? Learn this and more on my walking tour of Šmartno!

  • taking a stroll in picturesque alleyways
  • experience how locals used to live in the past
  • personalized services and local souvenir shop
Map of the region and the village itself

Learn about Goriška Brda as a whole – what are we most known for and which spots shouldn’t be missed while visiting. Learn about this area from Roman times up to the reasons for building the fortress that gives Šmartno its distinctive skyline even 500 years after it was built. Who built it and why? Who defended it and how was their life like?

Briška hiša museum

Visit a fully furnished house of kolon, a typical farmer in this area from cca 1850s. Learn about koloni and their daily life while exploring the (wine) cellar, kitchen and bedroom with a balcony with amazing view of the rolling hills. Watch the 10-minute movie of Brda in the 1960s with live commentary from your tour guide.

From fortress towers to typical Brda countryside architecture

Take a stroll in the wonderful narrow alleyways called gase and try and find all of the remaining fortress towers… Hint: you can see 5 of them from Šmartno, 1 is not accessible during the tour. Admire charming houses and learn about the genius ways they are built! Why are the roofs not steep and what are those beautiful geometric shapes under the roofs?

Church of St. Martin

The church stands on the rised level above the village which was not that peaceful in the past… What all happened here before the largest church in the region was built here in the 18th century and what was so special about its building process? Admire the Tone Kralj’s paintings in vibrant colors and learn about the hidden meaning in some of them.