Vipavski Križ – illustrious smallest city in Habsburg empire (11 people and more)

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Duration 1h 30m
Nr. of people 11 - 50

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About this walking tour

Let’s take a stroll through the ages of the settlement on this hill – from its glorious times after it was made the smallest city in Austro-Hungarian empire to its religious rebeliousness to its lively daily life today.

  • a walk through the city with lots of visual aids
  • learn interesting facts from various time periods, lots of visuals fo better immersion
  • visit to a local gift shop
Mighty city walls

The city, which had a different name in that time due to its strategic position, was first surrounded by one set of walls and later on with another that included the castle as well. Why and when were they built and why were the city right even gifted to this small settlement? Hint: it has something to do with their private army, called Kriška garda.

Cobbled city streets with typical architecture

Typical architecture derived directly from local climate and weather conditions – admire these old houses and marvel at the people’s ingenuity! There were two roads through the city in the past, the royal road and the dirt road – learn who was walking on which and how they differed… Stand on the steps that saw Primož Trubar’s infamous speech which caused the city to be struck from all chronicles for a time! See the ruins of a WWI prison and a remnant Napoleon left behind after he conquered the city…

Castle with newer city square

The castle was the stronghold and home to local lords and ladies, who developed the city further – through encouraging of trade, bringing in monks and building a monastery… and later on the most prominent families left the cramped inner city and build beautiful state houses in the square close to the castle. We will conclude our tour with the visit to the local gift shop, where you can also taste local wines or beer.